"First and foremost we recommend that all foreclosure defendants SEEK COMPETENT LEGAL REPRESENTATION.

We also recognize that not all defendants can afford to retain a lawyer or will choose to represent themselves either entirely Pro Se or with the assistance of legal counsel.

For these reasons, Foreclosure Warriors was formed as an apolitical network of people actively defending their homes from foreclosure. Unless someone here specifically identifies themselves to you as a lawyer, they are not a lawyer. 

Nothing on this website should be construed as competent legal advice or as the "practice of law". We charge no fees, file no pleadings or motions for anyone and make no representations of any kind.

That being said we will share our own experience, knowledge, ideas, opinions, and documents related to foreclosure defense freely with each other. Your use of such materials is strictly your own responsibility.

Again, if you can afford to, we strongly urge you to retain competent legal counsel to defend your home and our members here will be happy to help point you to excellent foreclosure defense lawyers all over the United States.


"In other words, here’s how I summarize foreclosure defense:

How many times do I have to kick a bank in the face before it starts to make reasonable settlements with homeowners?

You want to offer my clients nothing and proceed to trial, banks?  Go ahead.  Just put your mouthpiece in first … or better yet, a helmet."

Mark Stopa


THE COURT: -- the block that I've been around doesn't involve mortgage foreclosures. I spent twenty-two and a half years as a prosecutor responsible for the presentation of evidence necessary to deprive a citizen of his or her liberty, and in many instances their lives. That's what I did. And if I showed up for trial and violated half of the Court orders in the file, (like you have),  and stood in front of one of my judges and announced ready for trial, I would have fully expected to have been taken into custody on a contempt order.

MR. BALLARD: And I understand, Your Honor, especially in that situation where you're dealing with someone's freedom.

THE COURT: Well, today we're talking about somebody's property.

The Honorable Judge Anthony M. Tatti,        Hernando County, Florida

March 2 7, 2 0 1 2

(speaking to foreclosure mill attorney, Ballard)


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latest on my foreclosure problems

Started by JoAnn Loffler Feb 5. 0 Replies

The Supreme Court, Broome county,NY, allowed Welks Fargo a summary judgement! The problem is,Wells Fargo sold my mortgage to Freddie Mac the same say or maybe even before my closing! Freddie Mac…Continue

wells fargo

Started by mike rozier Oct 3, 2013. 0 Replies

Just finished final trial mod. Sept 6 got forclosure letter sept 13 called specialist she say disregard letter im just waiting on final mods. Even forclosure dept says im not in forclosure they say…Continue

bar members of foreclosure warriors from advertising or other links which do not further our goals

Started by cynthia morelli Aug 14, 2013. 0 Replies

Can the admin of this site bar these members?Continue

Pro Se success

Started by PATRICK FARRELL. Last reply by Becky Holloway Apr 22, 2013. 7 Replies

All foreclosures are a Fraud. All mortgages have been paid off in other bankruptcy cases or TARP.The bailouts of 2008 totaled $13 Trillion, yet all mortgages written from 2000 to 2008 were only about…Continue



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    Blog Posts

    1DCA overturns on Standing at Inception

    Posted by Margin on February 25, 2016 at 1:18pm 0 Comments

    Kyser v. Bank of America

    The Court stated: "In this case, the promissory note attached to the foreclosure complaint did not contain any endorsements. Although Appellee subsequently filed what it represented to be the original mortgage and note and although its witness confirmed during the bench trial that a blank endorsement was included on the back of one of the pages of the note, we have explained, Where the…


    4DCA Overturns again! Aurora failed to prove it was authorized to bring foreclosure action on behalf of true owner of note, Deutsche Bank

    Posted by Margin on August 19, 2015 at 11:27pm 0 Comments

    The Court ruled: "However, Aurora failed to provide sufficient proof that it was authorized at any time to prosecute the foreclosure action on behalf of Deutsche Bank. In short, there was insufficient proof that Aurora was the holder of the Note or was otherwise a person entitled to enforce the Note at the time it filed the action"…


    4DCA Nationstar loses again! Standing must be proved at inception AND at time of judgment.

    Posted by Margin on August 19, 2015 at 9:04pm 0 Comments

    Lamb v. Nationstar 4DCA August 19, 2015.

    The court ruled:

    "The record lacks competent substantial evidence that this note was transferred by its indorsee, or otherwise purchased or acquired by Nationstar."…


    4DCA overturns foreclosure on no evidence the trustee had standing

    Posted by Margin on August 19, 2015 at 7:36pm 0 Comments

    Perez v. Deutsche Bank as Trustee

    4DCA nails it again!  THE TRUSTEE never had any interest in the note!!

    There is no evidence that the indorsee of the note (when it's being sold into a trust) EVER had any intent to convey any interest to the trustee.

    Here are some quotes from the ruling.

    "In the present case, the Bank…



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